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I'm Miki---Naturalista, Makeup lover, Bold Lip Enthusiast, and Foodie!

Welcome to The Miki Effect.

If you get to the end of this epistle
there's a prize waiting.

Here's what's really going on!

In 2014, I chopped my hair off. I had to relearn how to care for my hair after over 20 years of
cutting, coloring and whatever else. 

Protective styles, particularly crochet braids became my go-to style after finally figuring some things out. They were easy to install, cute and inexpensive. 

Did I mention I love makeup?

Well, that all started in high school with the
eyeliner wearing (which was totally forbidden btw).
I got kinda serious about it in 2012 with the
purchase of very first lipsticks (two in one day).
My friend Mary Kay Beauty Consultant,
Dinelle wheeled me in and I hitched on to the Mary Kay ride,
and makeup has never been the same.
I talk a wicked brow game and my contouring skills are getting better. 
I love a bold lippie but red and I have a special relationship. I wouldn’t consider myself a
makeup artist but I have painted some faces to satisfaction. 

I started 2018 without a full-time job.
So, finding ways to fill the income gap was key. 
One night I was doing my sister’s hair and a family friend
suggested I should really make something of it.

I took the idea seriously,
grabbed a pen and paper used
my content creation skills and drafted a dope plan for a blog/Instagram Page.

I was still trying to do hair and had repeat
paying clients with my sister Kym and my friend Dinelle. 

I randomly met a lady in Stop n’ Shop and she later became a client too.

My sister was also out in the streets looking for people for me.

Their love and support were real. 

My Instagram page had pics of hairstyles I had done for myself,
others, inspiration, DIY hair products, and tips
and some dope naturalistas who just happen
to be fashionistas.
Come on, what’s the point of having an epic
hairdo if you don't have an epic style to match? 
My page also included tips, produces and a few sayings but something was missing.
I didn’t have consistent clients and with
everything that was going on (I work like 3 jobs now),
I probably couldn’t keep up with doing hair.
The page was great...


Here we are a little over half-way into 2019, and over a year since I started the page,
I knew something had to change.
I wanted to do more.
I already had the plan so why not fully execute and jump in full gear?

You have to start somewhere. Do something. I have been trying to use what I have and as it
turns out, I have plenty.
I have no qualms sharing that plenty with you.

So, hair is still a thing I'll do.

I gotta comb mine right?

I might still entertain paying clients if the style is easy but for now, let’s BLOG!

Top: Zara | Jeans: Old Navy| Necklace: Reign & Rebel

💕 First of all, it’s not just hair and makeup anymore, so stay tuned! 

💕 For the next few weeks, I’ll be creating a DIY space just for all this magic. Yes, you’ll see it.

 💕 Look out for my CurlFest 3 year review and my gold bag goodies! 

💕 A little fun review of a cool new spot all you brunching folks might want to check out!

If you read all of this, you’re the real

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and share this with friends! 

Love and Respect,

Naturally, Miki

Top: Shein | Hairstyle: Passion Twists




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