How to Survive Keto

If you haven’t heard of the Keto diet,  then that rock you’re living under needs some renovations. Maybe think about adding WIFI, the internet is brutal but you’ll live. 

Well, this isn’t an introduction to keto. It’s more like an “I’ve been kinda starving to fit in this dress and I love it” story. NOT LITERALLY starving but the lack of carbs is an easy equivalent. 

Surviving keto is easy until your sweet tooth attacks and your favorite burger side is all you can smell from a mile away. But there are ways to thwart those cravings. Drink water, have a keto-approved snack or better, find a keto-approved sweet equivalent.
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I have been “ketoing” for almost a year. I've lost and regained weight because carbs is life!  All I know is that after so many tries at losing weight, this is what works for me. My scale is now a decorative item in the bathroom because that dress is what I use to measure my progress. 
So, how do you survive this keto thing when you love bagels, anything with potatoes, plantains and the like?
Let me tell you how I do it, its easy and hard at the same time but so doable. 

  1. Before you start, eat ALLL your favorite carbs. I’m serious. Get em’ in because, by day two, you’ll hear a 'baconeggandcheeseonabagel' calling your name.  
  2. While you’re eating ALL the carbs, do some RESEARCH.  Google is your friend and Pinterest is your, buddy! Find you what you can eat and what’s totally off the table.  Get info on the type of keto you want to tackle. Keto is keto but you got some serious keto people out there, counting macros, and carbs and protein intake. There is dirty keto and strict keto. Be sure to make a list of snacks for your sweet tooth. Being prepared for that snack attack is paramount to your survival!
  3. Plan your meals. Listen, keep it simple. Don’t overthink what you’re going to eat. Make a list of items for each meal and go grocery shopping. ( I go to ALDI) The key to staying on track is planning your meals. Get things you actually like, including snacks. There is no use trying to experiment with something you don't like. The experience will be hard and unbearable if you don’t like what you’re eating. 

Keto Blueberry Bread
(Recipe shared in FB Keto group which was found on Pinterest) 
For me, chicken and broccoli, steak and broccoli, salmon and broccoli. When I feel fancy, I do cauliflower rice. It does take some getting used to but, it gets the job done.  You want a burger, no problem, burger no bun with a side of Brussel sprouts or broccoli. 

Breakfast: A bacon, egg and cheese spinach omelet. Sometimes the spinach is on the side, other times it’s mixed in.  

Pinterest is your friend. Find recipes or ways to revamp old favorites.

4. Get support! No joke. Even if NO ONE you know is on keto, someone is. Follow the hashtags on Instagram. Plenty of success stories there.  I found groups on Facebook with women doing keto like a badass. They share recipes, snack finds and victory stories. Just don’t join the group with the annoying messages asking what to do.  Most group admins post useful info at the top of the page.

5. Drink your water and stay active. This is key to burning fat. You’ll definitely lose weight and inches but why not do it all the way. I’m not as active as I would hope but I’m moving.  So, incorporate some physical activity and get going.

This is my second time going 30 days straight on keto and I’m going another 30 days maybe 60 to see how far I can take this. You gotta be disciplined, organized and mentally ready to say no to fries.  But you can!

Are you on keto? Or, have you tried? Leave me a comment about your story. Let me know if you wanna try too. 

Come keto with me! :)

Love and Respect, 



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